Anson Sexton

COVER: "I Guess I Just Feel Like" by John Mayer

Anson Sexton
COVER: "I Guess I Just Feel Like" by John Mayer

When I met my wife back in 2003, I had aspirations of being a successful singer-songwriter… and a lot of that was attributed to my new found development of learning to play guitar and a random album I bought back in 2001 at the CD Exchange in Eugene, OR by an up-and-coming artist — John Mayer. In the first year of Joy and I being together, we saw John Mayer in concert four times. You could say, I was a fan. Haha

I’ve always appreciated John’s talent. Though some might be turned off by his persona conveyed through the media and various sound bites that have circulated, I try and cut through the noise & just marvel at his musical talents. The dude knows how to write a song or two. And his latest single cut straight to the bone for me… Lately, with the loss of a friend and some much needed soul-searching, I’ve written a few songs that might be thought of as depressing and jaded — and those criticisms are valid. Yet, I also think those songs hold some of the most truth I’ve ever shared. So when I heard “I Guess I Just Feel Like”, it landed in my wheelhouse of tunes I’ve been resonating with during this current season.

The video is my rendition/cover of the song. Friends (and foes), I know — I’m no Mayer… but I gotta give it my best shot and use this space to share it with you. I appreciate your encouragement and kind words. [insert nervous laughter here]

Below is some commentary from Mayer on an Instagram post about the song and the songwriting process.

“…I decided I had just about enough of myself, and that’s always when the good stuff starts,” said Mayer.

I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we need to get out of our own way — and more importantly for Christians, get outta God’s way — and allow the truth to speak for itself in love. Often times, I’m too concerned with the aesthetics of how I might frame a thought, than just allowing a simple truth to be expressed without any frills or ‘ear candy’.

My hope is that you’d enjoy the song, subscribe to my YouTube channel and share it with your friends. If you’d do that, it would mean the world to me — or at least I’d be pretty stoked. Thanks & much love!


I guess I just feel like
I guess I just feel like
Nobody's honest
Nobody's true
Everyone's lying
To make it on through
I guess I just feel like
I'm the same way, too

I guess I just feel like
Good things are gone
And the weight of my worries
Is too much to take on

I think I remember
The dream that I had
That love's gonna save us
From a world that's gone mad
I guess I just feel like
What happened to that?

I guess I just feel like
The joke's gettin' old
The future is fading
And the past is on hold

But I know that I'm open
And I know that I'm free
And I'll always let hope in
Wherever I'll be
And if I go blind I'll still find my way
I guess I just felt like
Giving up today